County Top 124 & County Championship Info - PLEASE READ


If you have a swimmer on this list or know that your swimmer has been swimming on an A relay, please ensure you RSVP for County! We will begin the process today to finalize our county team based on the following criteria:

  • Swimmers in Top 50 who RSVP to go to the County Meet
  • Swimmers in the Top 75 and Top 124 who have shot at making the top 50 based on potential scratches (See explanation below)
  • County Relay Needs

County Quick Info:

  • Top 50 swimmers in each individual event
  • Swimmers can swim up to 3 individual events & 2 relays
  • Swimmers can scratch events if they qualify for more than 3 individual events or if they will not be attending the Meet
  • Scratching must be done before 07/01 with Coach Jenna. She will be in touch with everyone to verify this information with you. As every swimmer in the county is doing this process, inevitably, some swimmers in the Top 75 and Top 124 of each event may get a chance to go to County for an individual event
  • Relays are made up based on the fastest times available from RSVP
  • Relays are done at the beginning of each session to ensure that those swimmers who are only swimming relays do not have to stay the whole session


Friday July 12th, 2024

Session 1 ( Age 15 -18)

  • Warmups: 4pm
  • Start time : 5:30pm session concluded at approx. 8:20PM

Saturday July 13th, 2024

Session 2 ( Age 9 & 10)

  • Warmups at 8 AM
  • Start Time: 9:15AM session concludes at approx. 12:30PM
  • This session will begin with an "honorary heat" swum by invited swimmers with disabilities.

Session 3 (SINGLE Session - Ages 13-14)

  • Warm up at 1:30PM
  • Starting Time: 3:15PM session concludes at approx. 6:15PM

Sunday July 14th, 2024

Session 4 (Ages 8 & Under)

  • Warm up at 8:00 AM
  • Start Time: 9:15AM session concludes at approx. 12:30pm

Session 5 ( Ages 11-12)

  • Warm up: 1:30 PM
  • Start Time: 3:15pm session concludes at approx. 6:30PM

County Practices:

  • July 2,3,8,9,10,11
  • 8 AM -  15 & Up
  • 9 AM - 9-12
  • 10 AM - 8 & Under

Thank you Waverunners!

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